Survival (2019)

An online exploration of humanity’s dependence on technology.

Music by Cristobal Tapia de Veer

Video by Yaron Kidron

Costumes by Jen Costillo


Optional (2018)

A commentary on social media’s affect on relationships.

Music by David Bowie, Philip Glass

Video by Yaron Kidron

Costumes by Jen Costillo


Shifted Dynamic (2013)

Ballet movement tells the story of life and death of relationships. Music by Rob Dougan and Lowfish

Prologue: Caged (2012)


Last Moments On Earth (2012)

The modern story of two people who meet the last day of the year. Music by Peter Gabriel



Universe Wide (In Progress)

Two Act story about an alien’s exploration of Earth. Mixed-media collaboration with electronic wearables and video.

Music by Soma and Kahimi Karie

Costumes by Kyle Chan

Electronics by Jen Costillo

Video by Yaron Kidron

Act I: Searching For Home (2010)

Act II:  Visual Contact (In Progress)


Its Shape and Form (2010)

 A piece displaying the confusing relationship we have with the worst part of ourselves.

Music by Gil-Scott Heron and Soma

Costumes by Kyle Chan

Shiny Things (2009)

The robotic version of the Red Shoes.

Music by Brandon Daniel

Costumes by Jen Costillo


Opiate (2008)

Left as an exercise for the reader.

Music by Drew Neumann

Costumes by Jen Costillo