Current Dancers

Emma Delp

Joined CMD in 2022.

I-Heng McComb

I-Heng McComb in a tree

I-Heng’s formal dance training started the day she wandered out of her daughters’ dance class and found herself literally pulled into jazz class next door with Ehud Krauss at Zohar School of Dance. Despite the late start, she soon became addicted to dance and twenty years later continues to study jazz at Zohar with Daynee Lai-Krauss and Vivian Sam. Somewhere along the way, her body also discovered modern/contemporary movement. I-Heng is currently a student of Lydia Feuerhelm-Chiu and performs and choreographs with the primarily modern dance collective High Release Dance. Her other performance history includes multiple seasons with Zohar Dance Company, ArtistEdge, and Laura Zweig’s collaborations with Emma’s Revolution. I-Heng was an early CMD collaborator.

Collaborated starting in 2008 and formally joined in 2022.

Sophie Otewalt

Sophie Otewalt is a dancer born and raised in San Jose, California. She received her BFA in Dance from San Jose State University in 2021. She extensively studied ballet, jazz, Limoń technique, Gaga, and contemporary. During her time at SJSU, she was a member of the modern company University Dance Theater for two and a half years, directed by Raphael Boumaila and Heather Cooper. She recently performed a self – choreographed solo, Spandrel, as an emerging choreographer for Mark Foehringer Dance Project।San Francisco. As she enters the dance world beyond the University setting, she continues her training and builds a life with dance at the center. 

Joined CMD in 2022.

Avery Rissling

Joined CMD in 2022.

Juliet Tablak

Joined CMD in 2022.

Clara Yang

Clara fell into the wonders and joys of dance through her seven years competing in colorguard and winterguard. She loves the whole rehearsal process and how movement, colors, breath, song, and acting all come together for a moment’s connection with a stranger. At Syracuse University, she dove deeper into the world of dance through a potpourri of dance classes and through dancing and choreographing with Orange Pulse Dance Troupe. After graduation, she returned to the Bay Area where she got the privilege to pioneer and teach a dance and flag ministry at Forerunner Christian Church and dance with ArtistEdge Dance Company and Natasha Carlitz Dance Ensemble. 

Clara joined  CMD in 2018.

Former Dancers

Karin Dun

CMD in 2011- 2019.

Rika Fabian

CMD in 2012- 2019.

Heba Fayed De Bellis

At age 8, Heba joined the Academy of Arts Ballet Institute in Cairo, Egypt. She graduated when she was 17 with a final mark of “Excellent.

Upon graduation from the Academy, she danced with the Corps de Ballet in the Cairo Opera Ballet Company.

Heba changed the direction of her dance career when she became a principal dancer with the Cairo Opera Modern Dance Company, a contemporary dance company that performed in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Heba began to choreograph when she was 21 and with the Cairo Opera
Dance Company. She has participated in many choreography workshops abroad by well-known dancers and choreographers, including Maurice Bejart, Kwami Ross, Wim Wan Dekapus, Bud Blumenthal and Tony Rizzi.

Joined CMD in 2022. Heba began teaching children and adults in 2004 and has taught in Egypt, Italy and California. Heba immigrated to the United States in 2008. She teaches ballet, modern dance, jazz, contemporary and belly dance. She is a member of Natasha Carlitz dance ensemble, a modern dance company ( In 2012, Heba started to perform as part of Cat Machines Dance.

Megan Hoarfrost-Beers

CMD in 2018- 2019.

Koren Nishina

CMD in 2011-2019.

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